10 Creative Kids Activity Ideas for Indoor Learning

kids finger painting idea

How to keep your little ones busy and allow you time to work.

We know what a stressful time this can be for many families. There are probably so many questions running through your mind right now. How long will it last? How will I home-school my children and get any work done? Now, more than ever the work of a parent never stops. Juggling work and home life balance will be tough, but we know you can get through it with these handy ideas. We thought what better time to give some free creative kids activities for indoor learning at home.

We’ve come up with a list of useful resources to entertain your children while they are at home to help with the transition into your new routines. These fun, creative kids activities are packed with learning opportunities, all you need is a bit of imagination. We have included some craft activities, free home-schooling resources for structured learning and some in between. If it’s a miserable British day outside or if it’s glorious sunshine and your struggling to keep kids indoors we have you covered.

1. Letter Writing Station

Whether your kids are novelists in the making or still developing their literary abilities setting up a station of stickers, pens, pencils, and envelopes can help them keep in contact with missed friends or family. This can be made a weekly routine to keep the structure in your household. Maybe they would want to post a drawing they have done earlier on in the week to grandad or granny to put on the fridge? What great creative kids activities, writing letters this can help children process the emotions they are feeling about the situation and help to keep them connected. And if they get a letter in return, the benefits of reading for children are longlasting and something we have touched upon previously.

2. Create a “timetable” together

We know that this period of social distancing has come much to the despair of many teens who might be in the middle of studying for important exams. So, perhaps helping older kids to plan and schedule what they will study will give them a bit more confidence and structure to their day. You can plan check-in times where they can ask questions about their studies, get you to check over projects they have been working on.

This could even be coordinated with school mates and allow for collaborative work over skype, zoom, or other video calling platforms. Keeping teens motivated during this time and out of bed will no doubt be a challenge but hopefully giving them a bit more control of their daily tasks might help

3. Draw rainbow of hope   #rainbowofhope

Drawing a rainbow of hope to put in the window or on the fridge is a great way for your little one to be creative and spread a bit of cheer. What a lovely way to cheer up a neighbour or the postman delivering parcels to the door.  Not only are these cheery rainbows a welcome addition to any window, they signal a bit of hope when we all need it most. Follow the hashtag #rainbowofhope on Twitter or Facebook for some inspiration.

4. Scavenger Hunt Resource

Want to say productive while homeschooling the kids? Never fear, scavenger hunts are here! We’ve created our own scavenger hunt for your kids to look for. Ten household items sure to keep them occupied while you reply to that email or put on the dinner. Looking for something shiny? Why not try some tinfoil. Looking for something that makes you smile? Why not look for a joke?

Free printable Scavenger Hunt activity for children

5. BBC Bitesize

BBC bitesize is a fantastic free learning resource to use when you want to keep them busy with school work. Tailored to Primary, Secondary and Post 16+ this is a fantastic site to utilise for a whole range of subjects. Art, Technology, Mandarin they have you covered for work to keep your children learning from home. Useful hints, tips and video lessons all help to make this a one-stop shop of school resources. And they have lots of fairly creative kids activities to keep them occupied and learning at the same time.

6. Garden bird watch

Limiting your children’s outdoor activities is tough I’m sure. Especially if like many you don’t have the luxury of a garden they can safely play in. In times when we are being told our children aren’t spending enough time in nature, now we have to keep them inside even more? So why not take 15mins out of your day to sit and look out the window, stand at the front door or sit in the garden to spot all the birds you see that day to reconnect. Write down a list and try to identify the ones you spot. Great if you want to find an activity that the whole family can do together. There are plenty of online tools from the RSPB that can be used to help tell your pigeons from your chaffinches.

7. Shadow drawing in the sun

How do I entertain my child at home? Simply put, shadow drawing can be done by taking any household object or toy and placing in the sun until it casts a shadow and then drawing around the shape it creates. Great activity for indoor and outdoor fun. Can be used time and time again with different objects. Everyone in the household can be involved. This is one of the easiest activities children can do at home because all it requires is something to write with and something to draw on. Can be concrete outside, could be cardboard, paper, whatever you can get your hands on will work. A low- cost activity that will keep them entertained for ages.

8. Write a country project

Who said learning from home would be boring? We have created a workbook for parents and carers to use as we know home school resources in the UK are ever more important during this time. While this pandemic outbreak is keeping people apart we think it’s even more important than ever to educate children on the different cultures, cuisines and languages around the world. Let them choose the destination and guide you through what they discover!  This geography worksheet should help them identify key areas about each country they explore. We have pages in our workbook for all over the world. Where will they take you?

Colorful Printable Geography Workbook Resource for Children to Complete

9. 30 Day Lego Challenge

Kids are always looking for cool things to make when they are bored so if you are looking for a family activity to do at home, then look no further. If you’re anything like us you love lego. Lego 30 day challenges are everywhere right now and are a brilliant way to keep all ages occupied for hours. Each new day comes with a new challenge to build and create. Looking for something made of lego? If not your own creations why not look out for our personalised lego? Could be a useful reward for a job well done!

10. Spruce up an old, brown plant pot

And lastly, another creative activity for the kids. We loved this clever and effective idea posted on Twitter by @KirstyStricklan and so we had to share it with you. All it takes is some PVA glue and old wrapping paper and you’re in business. The more colourful the better we feel. Spruce up that old, worn plant pot into something exciting, colourful and fun. What a great way to spend your time at home.

Image by @KirstyStricklanhttps://twitter.com/KirstyStricklan/status/1242447253643628544

We hope this has been a useful list of into ideas, resources and tips to keep your kids busy and occupied during this uncertain time. If you try any let us know how you get on. We’d love to hear your feedback and see your creations!