The school labels guide by Labels4Kids

School labels

The back-to-school season is upon us.  A long list of thing to do for you children and their school day. Many things, maybe too maybe, in the parents’ mind to do and think. Labelling is one of those activities that parents always pay attention and often don’t fully understand their potential and characteristics. At Labels4Kids we want to give you a fully guide of all school labels you need, the benefits, characteristics and which one to use for what item.

Stick on school labels:

They are definitely the most common solution for labelling clothes. The Stick on clothing labels have the advantage that are very quick and easy to use to apply. Your child can apply the labels by them self if you want. It is also a cheap solution, however, it is not a permanent solution. Usually they stay up to 30 washes. Ideal for school trips, or holiday. They will help you to solve the lost property issue of your child.

Iron on labels:

Another very popular solution for labelling your clothes are the iron on labels. They are a permanent solution, there is no risk for them to come off, a long lasting solution for your kids’ clothes. Not as quick as the stick on clothing labels but easy and fast enough to apply. Maybe don’t let your child to apply these labels as it may not be the safest procedure for a child.

Sew on labels:

An old fashion solution but always efficient and perfect for clothes. You can personalise the text of these sew on labels in different colours, even with a rainbow theme. Personally a solution that I love. Very efficient, they wont come off, you can re-use them on other clothes when needed. The only inconvenient is that it takes longer compared to other labels. You can have two options for the sew on labels: the pre-cut ones. Already separated, you just need to sew the labels to the clothes. The not pre-cut ones, you have to separate individually the labels and the they are ready to be sewn.

Snappy tags:

This fantastic product will guarantee to label all your clothes in a quick and easy way. You just need to use the snappy tags applicator and follow the instructions on the instruction sheet that you receive with the labels. The fantastic thing of these “labels” is that you can apply them on many items such as t-shirts, tie, jumpers and even socks. Most of the labels can be applied only in the care label section, however, the snappy tags have the quality that can be applied in any part of the clothes. Furthermore, you can remove them and re-use them again, you just need some spare snappy backs.

They are fantastic for kids clothes, as well as for people in care home. It’s a type of label widely common in care homes, and also the staff member are familiar with the snappy tags. They could help you to label some clothes or other type of item such as bed sheets. A brilliant idea and solution.

Name stickers:

Make sure that your kids’ belongings are easily recognisable with these school labels. Personalise these name labels for all their belongings. fantastic on hard surfaces such as: water bottles, lunch boxes, pens or pencils. You can chose between different colour and text style, water proof, even in washing machine, they wont come off. Your child will enjoy to put these vinyl labels to all his stuff.

Bag tags:

The last school labels tip regards the personalised bag tags or jacket tags are fantastic to add an extra and small item to your child bag or jacket. Like a simple key-ring but with their name on it, and maybe some extra information (such as phone number), to make sure their items can easily return to you.