What do you put inside a Christmas Eve Box?

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Christmas Eve boxes are rising in popularity year after year.

Essentially, a fun way to get the recipient extra excited for Christmas morning. Given on Christmas Eve, these boxes are a fun way to share the excitement and show your loved ones how much they mean to you this Christmas 2021.
If you’ve never given the gift of a Christmas Eve box you might wonder, where do I get one and what on earth do I put inside it? Look no further. We have you covered with our bumper list of Christmas Eve box fillers.

But where has this traditional come from? The working theory is that it’s been modified from the German custom of opening presents the day before Christmas. Not a fan? We understand some parents might believe it’s yet another way to get people spending extra on the festivities. However, if budget is a concern, you can easily pack a Christmas Eve box full of low cost or household items.

Alternatively, if you want to splurge, there are a myriad of indulgent goodies to be had that can be included to delight the gift’s recipient. That’s the beauty of this tradition, buy a Christmas eve box once and you can reuse them year after year. You can make the small gifts thoughtful and add a personalised touch too. We think it’s a really fun way to add a bit more excitement to Christmas Eve.

Where do you get a Christmas Eve box?

Lots of retailers now stock these. Personally, we prefer the wooden Christmas eve boxes as they are sturdy enough to last year after year. The Christmas Eve box its self makes a lovely gift. Especially if you’ve gone that extra mile and personalised with their name.

Each Christmas this can be brought out to make family memories. You can even buy a big Christmas Eve box for the whole family to share. Simply personalise with the family surname or a nickname.

So once you’ve decided on which box and how many next you need to fill it up with festive goodies. But where to start? We’ve come up with a bumper list of Christmas Eve box fillers for your inspiration.

1. Reindeer Food

On Christmas Eve night Santa and his reindeer are hard at work delivering all the boys and girls presents all over the world. So it’s only fair to leave the reindeer a well earned treat isn’t it? We’ve found a great recipe that not only the reindeer will love but the garden birds and your bank balance will approve of too!
This is an adorable way to set the Christmas magic up and it’s very low cost if homemade. There are versions available to purchase but best to be mindful what they include. We like this RSPCA approved version:

2. Letter from Santa/Elf

Doesn’t matter how old you are, a letter from Santa with a special message is always magical. You can even write a letter from an elf too?

Santa Clause Letter Head

3. Personalised Christmas Book

Imagine reading a book on Christmas Eve that was written especially for you and your friends? Christmas books like the brilliant Personalised Christmas Adventure Book are really the gift that keeps on giving as they can be brought out each Christmas and enjoyed once more.

Personalised Christmas Books: Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom and My Special Christmas Adventure.

4. Colouring Pages

There are some excellent free downloadable colouring pages or a mini colouring book can be picked up somewhere like the Works at a low cost. We’ve found these lovely free downloadable Christmas colouring in pictures from Crayola online.

Free printable colouring in pages of Christmas biscuits and baubles

5. Marshmallows

Who doesn’t love marshmallows? Best to be careful if the gift recipient has any dietary requirements. Good news is there are plenty of sugar free options is you want to avoid a sugar rush before bed time. We particularly like these multipacks as they are resealable and can be shared out between the family.

Two packets f Mallow & Marsh Marshmallows

6. Socks

Undoubtedly a Christmas classic, socks are ideal for Christmas eve box fillers, stocking fillers or Christmas presents. Looking to make a few Christmas Eve boxes at once? Why not grab a multipack of Christmas themed socks and share them out between the kids so save a bit of money? Alternatively, we really like how soft these fluffy Santa socks are. Both from Next

Set's of Next Christmas Children's Socks

7. Candy Cane

Candy canes can be used for baking, a sweet treat or as decoration so they really are versatile. They even come in different flavours too.

Multipack of Children's Candy Canes

8. Mug

Mug’s are a functional addition to a Christmas Eve box. We all know someone who uses a favourite mug endlessly so they make a great functional gift all year round. Even if they do have a Christmas motif on them!

Two Christmas Mugs

9. Christmas Recipe

Do you hate cooking a Christmas meal? A great solution is to get the kids to help! Why not give the youngsters their own special recipe to follow on Christmas Day or Boxing Day? Stuffing, gingerbread men, cupcakes, pancakes etc all make great examples. It’s a win, win because not only do you get a help in the kitchen it gets them cooking and helping out! BBC good food has a whole Christmas Kids section. Like these delicious gingerbread biscuits.

Gingerbread biscuits

10. Christmas Dot to Dot

Dot to dot’s are ideal for calming down the children if they are over excited for Christmas. They help to develop their numeracy and coordination as well as being a bit creative. Easily found in books, worksheets or printables online. The more Christmas themed the better! The Works always has some festive books this time of year like these dot to dots below.

Christmas themed Dot-to-dot book

11. Magic Snow

The only way to guarantee a white Christmas. Did you know that some magic snow can be reused? You can let it dry out on some newspaper and pop back into the tube for another time.

Magic Snow

12.Santa Sign

A santa sign can be made from scratch as a craft activity or these can be purchased ready made to hang. Help Santa find the correct room. Can be hung on a door handle or propped up somewhere to make Santa’s life easier.

Santa Stop Here Sign

13. Christmas Stickers

Add a bit of extra Christmas cheer to your crafts with some fun stickers.

14. Christmas Card

Sometimes you can’t beat a classic. A Christmas card makes a thoughtful addition to a Christmas Eve box when a kind message has been written inside.

15. Snow globe

Snow globes come in so many varieties you won’t be spoilt for choice.

Santa Snow Globe

16. Cuddly Toy/Plush

A teddy or other kind of small plush is a lovely item to include in a Christmas eve box. Why not personalise it too?

17. Keyring

A Christmas keyring is a handy item to include for Christmas. Low cost and fun.

18. Santa Hat

Everyone loves a Santa hat. It’s as simple as that.

Girl in Santa Hat

19. Santa Nice list Certificate

You can print out your own certificate using a pre-formatted certificate template on your word processor. Or, you can actually pick up a nice list certificate on websites like Etsy. We’ve found this free printable for you so all you need to do is add in that lucky child’s name. Click on the picture below for the FREE printable PDF.

Certificate of Niceness

20. Personalised Christmas Bauble

A personalised Christmas bauble makes a wonderful, thoughtful gift especially for occasions like a new home, baby’s first Christmas bauble or a first couple’s Christmas. They don’t just look good but you can even personalise with a special message on the back. A cute gift to bring out time and time again. Click on the image below to see the full range:

Personalised Christmas Baubles

21.Mini Board Game

Board games certainly come in handy around the festive period so if your bored with Monopoly or Cluedo then why not treat them to a mini quiz or charades?

22.Christmas Lego

We all know someone who is LEGO mad so minifigures, LEGO santas and personalised LEGO baubles all make excellent Christmas Eve Box fillers. You can ever create a minifigure that looks just like them. How cool?

Personalised Christmas LEGO gifts,

23. Pencils/Crayons

Mini or full size. A great addition to your Christmas Eve box.

24.Christmas Jokes

A pre-cracker joke will make a great addition. Need some inspiration?
What goes “Oh, Oh, Oh”? Santa walking backwards!
What do snowmen wear on their heads? Ice caps!
What’s green, covered in tinsel and goes ribbet ribbet? A mistle-toad!

25.Elf on a Shelf

Elf on a shelf has taken Christmas by storm. Based on a book written in 2004 by Carol Aebersold and daughter Chanda Bell. Basically, this little elf reports back to Santa so the kids better be good. It can be a really cute game leading up to Christmas so if you’ve been hiding your elf on a shelf around, he could certainly make an appearance in your Christmas Eve Box.

Toy Elf on top of a Christmas Tree

26.Festive Hair Clips

Festive hair clips or a head band with jingle bells can help set the festive spirit.

27. Hot Chocolate Sachet/Stick

Make sure your chocolate is fairtrade like these for an ethical gift.

Cocoa Loco Chocolate Spoons

28. Christmas Pet Gift

Corgi Dog with some Presents

We know that Fido or Bagpuss are another valued member of the family so why not sneak a treat in there for your pampered four-legged friend?

Remember to check the dimensions of any Christmas Eve box fillers you go for to make sure they all fit. Some shredded tissue paper also makes the box that little bit more luxurious too. Convinced? Better get thinking sooner rather than later. It’ll be Christmas Eve again in the blink of an eye!