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School tags

School tags

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  • Personalised Bag Tags

    Personalised bag tags for school backpacks or the next holiday. Add the name and other details useful for you child. Different colours and symbols to apply tot he bag tags. Use them as key-ring and attach them to bags, jackets, lunch boxes or sport bags. Your kids will love these personalised bag tags. Dimensions: 20 mm split key ring included. Size 54mm long * 85mm wide portrait. Learn More
  • Personalised Jacket Tags


    Personalised jacket tags keep your jacket safe with Labels4Kids. 3 Small tags that fit onto the zip of your jacket. Also great for key chains and key rings: 55mm long * 28mm wide with 3 key rings. Check out also the personalised bag tags, ideal for school bags.

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  • Key Rings for Bag Tags

    20 mm split key ring which allows you to attach bag tags and jackets tags directly to bags and coat zippers. Learn More
  • Plastic Loops

    Clear, flexible plastic loop to make sure you don’t lose your luggage. Great to use instead of key rings for bag tags: 8 cm long. Learn More

Showing 4 products
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Personalised school tags, keyrings, LEGO® mini figure. These name tags are perfect for school bags, a personalised keyring with the name of your kid. You can and add other information that you prefer such as address or your phone number, the school bag will return to you easily. Personalised ID bands, the ideal for school trips.

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