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Selection Packs

Selection Packs

You wouldn’t buy just any school clothing so use only high quality labels for them too. Our Labels4Kids selection includes clothing labels, shoe labels, bag tags and a choice of name labels for clothing: sew on labels, iron on labels and stick on labels. All of this in a handy pack for going back to school, going on holiday, playing sports, going to nursery, going camping or all these other things your children enjoy doing. Save money with our selection packs.

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  • Holiday pack for travel security, labels4kids

    Holiday Labels Pack

    Labels4Kids holiday not to lose your kid at Disney! This holiday pack gives travel security with labels for all your needs.
    Price: £46.99
  • Care home labels pack stick on labels

    Care Home Labels Pack

    Making the decision to put someone into care is a difficult time. Labels4Kids wants to help by solving all your labelling needs. No one likes losing their belongings and to ensure only the best quality name labels are used for your loved ones is a must.
    Price: £10.99
  • New baby labels pack close up of vinyls on tray

    New Baby Labels Pack

    Labels4Kids has the stress of new motherhood solved with the New Baby Labels Pack.
    Price: £38.99
  • Camping labels pack

    Camping Labels Pack

    Great value camping solution for anything you may want to label in the outdoors: Pots, pans, walking sticks, tents, sleeping bags, compasses and pen knives.

    Price: £33.99
  • Jacket tag in sports pack by labels4kids in red

    Sport Labels Pack

    Sports kits are so expensive these days and they always go astray. Not with Labels4Kids sports labels pack. You can easily identify all your belongings in a changing room, on the pitch, by the pool, on the golf course or by the court!
    Price: £47.99
  • Nursery labels pack for labels for starting nusery

    Nursery Labels Pack

    Starting Nursery with Labels4Kids Nursery Labels Pack is a doddle. Name tags for everything you will need in a value mixed labels pack for kids.
    Price: £28.99
  • Press and click pack multipack of labels with fasteners

    Press and Click Pack

    50 Press and click name tags to click on to your clothing and sports socks, with 25 stickers or small vinyl labels with 20 vinyl shoe labels plus 2 bag tags to name anything from bags, to shoes and bottles.
    Price: £23.99
  • Woven Iron On Pack

    Woven Iron On Pack

    95 woven iron on name labels for school that look like sew on labels but are ironed on. How brilliant is that? These come with a mixed pack of 25 small vinyl labels and 20 vinyl shoe labels and 2 bag tags.

    Price: £36.00
  • Stikins New Pack of stick on clothing labels with vinyls and bag tags

    Stick on Clothing Labels Pack

    Stick on Clothing labels pack including labels for sticking onto care labels in clothing, a range of waterproof vinyls and bag tags for all your school labelling requirements.
    Price: £24.00
  • Sew on Labels Selection Pack for School, Labels4kids

    Sew On Pack

    Woven sew on labels for clothing and name labels for kids in a mixed pack. A traditional solution to labelling school clothes along with waterproof vinyl labels, shoe labels and bag tags from Labels4Kids.
    Price: £24.00
  • Easy to Use Iron On Name Labels for Clothes Variety Sticker Pack, Labels4kids

    Easy To Use Iron On Pack

    25 iron on name labels for school for ironing onto clothing which stays on long term. Includes also 20 vinyl shoe labels and 25 small vinyl labels, dishwasher proof labels for lunchboxes or bottles, and 2 bag tags for your bags.
    Price: £24.00
  • Snappy Tags School Pack

    Snappy Tags School Pack

    25 Snappy tags and 25 Snappy backs with the applicator to click the labels onto your clothing and sports socks, also inlcudes 25 small vinyl labels, 20 vinyl shoe labels and 2 bag tags to name anything from bags, to shoes and bottles.
    Price: £29.00

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12 Item(s)