How to choose the best labels for your child’s school supplies?

Our founder and director Ann-Maree has given us some useful tips about back to school labels. And some insider knowledge!

Lockdown has been difficult for everyone in one way or another but caregivers are struggling to juggle work and home life more than ever. With so many people working from home it’s bound to be a challenge. The good news is schools should be back in August/September depending on your area.

Here are out top five reasons that we are looking forward to schools being back:

  • No one can get out of bed in the morning unless it’s to go on the x-box so it’ll be nice to get a bit more structure.
  • There is no food left in the house!
  • Mum is getting rattier than usual and the gin bottle is nearly empty!
  • No one can remember how to spell or add up let alone split something into 4 anymore.
  • Mum going to the toilet ALONE is a feat of mass proportions and now very rare.

There is light at the end of the tunnel! It won’t be too long till parents can get a bit of resbite with the kids going back to school.


Then before you know it, it will be time to head back to school.

When they are back at school they have to bring so many items: folders, pens, jotters, calculators etc. Especially now, children are encouraged to have their own supplies so that they can avoid sharing.

To ensure your child doesn’t come home without his jumper/bag or even shoes! (yes it happens!) we have a range of products to make sure your childs’s jacket comes home with them! So if like many you are now starting to get things sorted for going back to school, sorting our carpools, uniform, school bags etc. then we have you covered with some useful tips and tricks to make the back to school process just that bit easier.

The time will fly by so we decided to share with you a conversation Ann-Maree, our director had with a friend a while back. Her friend popped by to ask why her iron on labels wouldn’t stay on…yes, they take advantage of her tips about back to school labels and pop in for coffee as well! So with hundreds of things going on they ended up with coffee and biscuits over the ironing board! Just another hectic day and not out of the norm. But when it comes to testing products we are always happy to try out anything new or old on the market for market research.

After much discussion, they got into what works and what doesn’t. Ann-Maree has plenty of tips about back to school labels to share.

What school labels Ann-Maree finds BEST FOR CLOTHES?

Given the current situation, it’s more important than ever that kids come home with their own belongings to this should help work out what’s best for your back to school kit!

 At the risk of sounding boring but, hey, we all have to face back to school soon whether we want to or not… Ahhh I hear you yell! Or was that a “yippee” I heard from one or two of you? Start putting your labels on NOW so you know they work wherever you bought them from. A handy tip there.

The best clothing labels I have found recently are the ones that are by far the simplest solution. They STICK ONTO THE WASH CARE LABELS! No sewing or ironing is required. Millions of these labels are now in use and we receive many orders for them at . Many from frustrated parents who have tried just about anything on the market.


Some iron on labels are now very good but equally some are useless. The problem for parents is that all suppliers will say their labels are good. Of course, they will. In reality, there is no way of knowing until the labels are in a washing machine what the quality is like. Hot irons and children do not mix, so attaching iron on labels will be a job for adults. If you want to iron on labels because you want to see them on the collar of the top then go with our advice on the website. The tips and advice page gives good ideas.


Sew on labels are the most attractive labels and can be bought in a range of colours, fonts and sizes. For parents who have the time to sew labels in, or can pay somebody else to sew them in, then sew on name labels are a good durable solution. This has to be one of our top tips for back to school labels. For non-sewers, busy parents or large families sew in labels can be a nightmare.


You can simply write in your child’s name with a laundry marker pen. If your child’s name is short or can be easily abbreviated this can be a good cheap solution. Remember to make sure the marker dries before the item or garment is whisked away. The main problem is that many garment tags do not leave any space for writing a name. The result may not look particularly good, and often fades away. Also, children like to see their own names in full rather than an abbreviated version. The full name is also good for children who are learning to recognise their name.


Of course washing machines are designed to remove dirt from clothes using friction, heat and detergents. So the environment in a washing machine is one of the most hostile places for school labels. The garment labels are made from a nylon material which has a unique adhesive coating on the back. This makes them able to withstand a harsh wash.

As you wash and dry the labelled garments you will see that the stikins ® label becomes more bonded to the wash care label. On the front of the label there is a special coating which is designed to exactly match the pigments we use to print the labels, the print will almost certainly outlast the life of most garments. The special “H” shape enables the vertical bars of the “H” to overlap at the back of the wash care label, the overlap is essential, and you can use a second “H” or a shoe name label if the garment wash care label is too wide. You could also trim the width of the wash care label if you wish.


Stick on clothing labels are not only easy to apply but they are durable too. So you’re saving time in the application and money when you don’t need to replace them every month! Multipurpose, stick on clothing labels can also be used on a wide variety of items such as calculators, notepads, lunchboxes etc so if you have some spares in your pack they won’t go to waste! Stick ons can even be applied by children themselves! No hot irons to worry about or fiddly needles.

We keep our stick-on clothing labels simple and easy to manufacture. This keeps prices down and reduces the possibility of printing errors. Our systems automatically select a font size that fits on the label too. So no faffing about with sizing. You can put up to 22 characters on a line. But remember the more characters you use the smaller the text. We can print all UK letters and numbers and most of the Western European characters. You can have the traditional first name plus surname, or you can just have one name on the label. Some parents put surname and phone number so garments can be “swapped back” if children mix them up.


There are several methods for labelling school garments, all of which have advantages and drawbacks. The particular method you choose will, of course, depend on what is important to you. Every parent has different requests and likes to see the labels in a different place on the clothing! That’s why Labels4kids has so many options because we know that there isn’t a one size fits all. Millions of garments are labelled with Stikins name labels and obviously we hope you will try them at some stage. Fingers crossed our expert tips from the queen of labels should help make your decision.

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