Application Ideas

Great application ideas for your vinyl name labels:

Apply mini vinyl labels to the rim around the eye on your swimming goggles!
Apply mini vinyl labels around the edge of baby bottle teats.
Use mini vinyl labels on your ventolin spray, pencils, arm of your sunglasses.
Use small vinyl labels or vinyl shoe labels to stick to the back of your mobile phone.
Name the stick of your golf clubs with mini vinyl labels.
Name your hockey sticks with any vinyl labels.
Large vinyl labels are great for suitcases
Wheelie bin labels are fantastic to stick on your rubbish bins to identify them on the street!
Skis are easily labelled with small vinyl labels. Label your musical instruments with mini vinyl labels or small vinyl labels.

Use personalised gym bags as:

Swimming bags,
Ballet bags,
Travel bags for on planes or trains to cart books and toys,
Story sacks for school nursery or primary one,
Team football bags numbered 1 to 11 to keep kit for school teams.

For your personalised bag tags:

Put jacket tags on the zip of your reversible coat,
Apply personalised bag tags on your music cases,
Hang them off the hook at ballet school for each child at a competition,
Hang personalised bag tags off a lanyard around the neck for school trips or school functions like back stage access for plays,
Use them to attach to diabetic or anaphalactic kits with steps 1 to 4 instructions for users in emergencies.