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New Baby Essentials

Baby Essential Checklist

Thanks to Fay McCulloch from Oxfordshire who prepared the following checklist for Labels4Kids with the help of her friends. Fay used this list for the birth of baby Archie and found it invaluable.  We have all done our own new baby checklists at times to prepare for hospital but particularly for first time mums we felt we just had to share this with you all as a very well done document so you can just copy and paste into a word document and you've got it done!
Well done girls and thank you for letting us share the checklist with all new mums to be.
  MUM TO BE HOSPITAL BAG:               
  Birth Plan
  Medical Notes
  Tens machine (hire one)
  Lip salve
  General toiletries/makeup
  Maternity pads ( you will need plenty of these)
  Big comfy pants x5 (buy cheap ones instead of the horrible disposable briefs!)
  Nightie x2
  Dressing gown
  Slippers x1
  Nursing bras x2
  Breast pads box
  Nipple cream like Arnica
  Flip flops for the shower
  Breast feeding gel packs from Labels4Kids
  Hand gel
  Cooling spray
  Hand held fan
  High fibre snacks, drinks and energy sweets
  Phone and charger
  Baby changing bag
  Full tank of fuel
  Change for the hospital car park
  Shorts, tee shirt, flip flops (labour rooms get hot)
  Snacks and drinks
  Wash bag (in case labour is a long one!)
  Music/DVDs downloaded onto iPOD
  Car seat and car seat base
  Group contacts list ready to text when your bundle of joy arrives!
  Nappies x10 (baby will get through approximately 10 a day to begin with)
  Large cotton wool pads (no wipes when baby is just born)
  Sleep suits x 2
  Hats x 2
  Scratch mitts x 2
  Cardigans x 2
  Nappy sacks
  Baby blankets x 2 (swaddling blankets are great)
  Baby outfit for leaving hospital
  Muslins x 5
  Baby vests x 4
  Rescue remedy
  Rennies (if you suffer from heartburn during your pregnancy you may need Rennies during labour)

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