Labels4Kids School Partnership Scheme


Labels4Kids offers a partnership scheme for schools, PTA's and other groups that want to stop the kids' lost property issue. We offer a unique voucher code of 15% that people can use while shopping at Labels4Kids. No costs to obtain the discount code, just contact us and we will send you one.  An option for extra discount with a link. See below.


Fundraise with Labels4Kids

How it works

Email to for the personalised discount code of 15%;

- Download the PDF poster.

- Add the code to the poster.

The easiest and quickest way to allow schools to support families saving a bit of money.


Obtain extra discount and link to us

- If you are interested in obtaining a 20% discount, just add our link to your website:

<a href="">Labels4Kids labels for school</a> ;

- Contact us for the extra discount voucher at or call us on 0333 1234559 for an exclusive code to use for your parents and carers;

-Download your PDF poster.


Offer our labels on your parentpay, school comms or wisepay, or any equivalent system

Talk to use about how you can offer labels for sale with 15% or 20% discount via your school payment system. 


At Labels4Kids we care about putting the money back in the pockets of your parents and carers. Work with us with NO EFFORT for your school.