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Camping Checklist

This helpful camp packing list was compiled by the team at Labels4Kids to make your life easier:
* Sleeping bag - for labelling use personalised bag tags and stikins on the straps
* Roll mat for comfort on a hard ground. Best labelled with vinyls stickers
* A small pillow for comfort - can be labelled with stick on clothing labels
* Flashlight or head torch with a pack of extra batteries
* 3 pair of long trousers 2 sweatshirts, 5 t-shirts, 3 shorts
* Swimming shorts or swimsuit
* Water shoes or old trainers - use shoe labels to label these
* Warm jacket or waterproof jacket, depending on the weather
* 5 pairs of socks - use white iron on labels or press and click name tags for labelling
* 2 pairs of trainers, or trainers and walking boots Wellingtons / rubber boots for wet weather. A little trick to labelling wellies is to use white iron on labels on the rim on the inside of the wellies
* Warm hat or 2 sun hats with a brim to cover protect the face and eyes
* 3 long sleeve tops, or fleeces for cold weather
* Towel and face cloth
* Sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection - mini vinyl labels are great name tags for these
* Toileteries - soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb or brush, shower gel, sunscreen, lotion - remember to use a name tag on this too
* Insect repellent - Avon is a good one
* Chapstick for lip protection, we recommend 30spf
* Ear plugs and blindfold for sleeping in a noisy environment!
* Drink bottle
* Day back pack or small back pack
* Travel tissues
* Wet wipes
* Disposable camera - label it with a vinyl label to make sure it is returned to the correct owner if lost
* Cards or a book for any unlikely but possible down time! A diary may be nice but probably most boys will not use it (trust me)
* Backpack - one with wheels is best if you can get one - a woven luggage strap is good if you are going on an a large camp or an overseas camp especially. Also use personalised bag tags to identify the case / backpack
* Prescription glasses and sunglasses if your child wears them in a protective cover - mini vinyl labels will work for these
* Medication packed separately to give a camp leader and clearly labelled with the name and instructions - use vinyl labels and I usually put in a zip seal plastic bag together with a sheet detailing the medication instructions
* If the camp allows then a swiss army knife for cutting wood. In some countries this is not allowed or there are age limits, so be sure to check. These can be labelled with mini vinyl labels and hang off a lanyard when the knife is safely snapped shut so it does not get lost
* Snacks or sweets for in the tent or hut if the camp allows these

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