First Ever Day Of School Tips


When your child first starts school, it’s a big change for them and you. You might be worried that your child will be unhappy, will not make friends, or will not enjoy school. It's worth remembering most children love school and go on to make the most of their education. Here are some tips on starting school that you may find useful.


The lead up to the big first day of school

-Read your child some books on starting school. You can make it a fun activity by visiting the local library.

-Talk about your first day at school and what you did. Talk about how you met all these great new friends. 

-If you know any other children heading off to school at the same time it might be nice to arrange a play date before hand so they have a friendly face

-Likewise, if your child won't know anyone starting with them make sure to explain that lots of people will be in the same situation and everyone will be excited and nervous just like them.


Grandma Reading with Child Labels4kids


Before school starts

-Discuss whether they are going to have a school dinner or a packed lunch tomorrow and how they know when it is lunch time etc. If you are sending in a packed lunch, make sure you agree what you are putting in the box with them. It's also important to note if your school has any do's and don't for the packed lunch so no nuts/seafood/water only etc. 

-Discuss how to ask the teacher for the toilet or where they are - pretty important and remember to send in spare underpants and trousers or skirt just in case of an accident. Unlikely they'll need them but good to have them there just in case.

-Chat with your child positively about the beginning of school. They'll pick up on any nerves you might have about them going.

- Pack everything a couple of days ahead apart from the lunch of course.


Preparing kids lunch Labels4kids


On the day school starts

- Take a photo of your little one in their school uniform on their first day. It's definitley something you will treasure forever.  

- Take the camera to school and take a photo of them with their friends all starting school together. I remember the photo of our youngest on the first day sitting on the school doorstep in a huff at having to go to school and not stay home - it's a classic! Once his friends all arrived he was a completely different child thankfully. They might remain lifelong friends so it's nice to have that memory captured.

- Don't be late! Plan early and be ready. It takes time to feed them and get them out the door changed, washed and ready with the kit. Allow at least an hour. 

- Pack everything a couple of days ahead apart from the lunch of course.



School Friends


During School

- Don't worry about them.  

- Keep yourself busy and try to enjoy your new time appart. Perhaps you can get caught up with housework, maybe go for a walk, find time to pick up a hobby again.

- Get a healthy snack ready for them for after school as I often found that the kids came home tired, like they were having a sugar low (crabby and moody) especially in the first year. 

-The extra energy from a healthy snack helps give them a pick me up for the rest of the day.



Exercise Lady


After School

-Discuss the day and how they found it and work through any problems they may have had with encouragement and advice.

- Prepare everything for the next day as soon as they come in the door

- Ask about one thing they learned that day. It's a sweet tradition and gives them a chance to consolodate their day.

- Check for any feedback from teachers in jotters/worksheets and if there are any slips or appointements you need to attend. 



Mother and children Labels4kids


Routine, Routine!

-Now do this for the next umpteen years! Hard work, but definitely worth it.

-The first week or two will pass and you'll forget what it was like before they started school. 

-Enjoy this time as much as possible and encourage their interests in subjects they enjoy. You never know, it might turn out to be their future career! 




Labels4Kids has compiled a starting school check list of everything you will need to buy or prepare for starting school.