Frequently Asked Questions



What should you put on clothing labels?

For children’s clothing labels we would suggest an identifier of some kind. That could be a name but we realise not every parent is happy with that. Which is why we often see parents and carers using initials, nicknames, favourite animals, numbers, you really get creative so long as it’s recognizable to you and your child. Our stick on clothing labels for example are designed to adhere to the care label on the inside of the garment so it wouldn’t be on show. They are only in white at this stage but that is because our ink stays in the washer and tumble dryer.



I've never ordered before. I don't know which labels pack would be best. Can you help?

If you need clothing labels included then try a School Pack with iron on labels or a school pack with stick on labels for something easy. These also have 2 bag tags for school bags and lunch boxes, (link to all 3 pages). If you do not need clothing labels then our starter Name Labels Pack? This contains 20 each of small, popular, mini and shoe labels (please note that our mini vinyl labels are not suitable for images). Our vinyl labels are suitable for identifying lunchboxes, water bottles, shoes and pencils (to name but a few). They are suitable for use in microwaves, dishwashers and steamers. These are not suitable for use on clothing although they can be used on wetsuits!



Can I split a pack into two names?

Unfortunately, not. For most of our labels our production process only allows one name per pack.
If you needed a label pack with multiple names we have our Classroom Pack which allow you to order up to 26 names (min. 2 labels per name).
Please note that classroom vinyls are only available in small vinyl size (50mm x 20mm). If you have for example triplets (or more) please do however get in touch via


The school wants to order a pack of labels for each child in every class. Can we supply class lists for this and have some labels for each child?

Yes, absolutely. Our Classroom Pack allows you to order up to a maximum of 26 name vinyls per pack (min. 2 labels per name). Please note that classroom vinyls are only available in small size (50mm x 20mm).



How do you accept order? Can I order by telephone instead?

Yes. We accept orders:

  1. Via our website We do recommend ordering online as it allows you to see the range of colours, fonts and images yourself. You can pay with VISA, Mastercard, Switch, Delta, Solo, Diners Club, Electron, American Express and Switch, PayPal or Amazon Pay.
  2. By telephone, however there is a higher risk with phone ordering that we may make errors in the spelling of your name so we always ask customers to read email confirmations of orders thoroughly to ensure the accuracy of the order. The exception to phone orders are some of the avatar personalised books where you need to choose the look of your character online and we cannot take those requirements by phone and be able to input them into our production system.



Will your labels go through a baby steriliser on a baby bottle or comforter?

Yes. Vinyl labels are microwave and dishwasher/steriliser proof up to 90 degrees and the hotter the better. The only time your label may lift is if it has been applied to damp or oily surface, or if it has been applied with a bubble in the label allowing some steam/water in the dishwaher/sterliser to get under the label itself. Try another label and make sure it is applied with no bubbles or creases.



Can you provide samples?

Yes, Email sales@labels4kids, contact us with the live chat on the bottom right of your screen, or phone Labels4Kids on 01786 473508 or 0333 1234559.

We will send out a sample pack of the items you require. These will not have your child’s name on them as they are randomly selected from stock.


Why should I order from Labels4Kids?

We have kids too!

As a fast growing, award winning, family business we offer friendly, efficient and helpful service. We offer a100% money back guarantee because for us the customer always comes first.

Our goods are made in the UK, produced and designed and we offer a massive choice of images colours and sizes. We pride ourselves on only offering the highest quality to our customers.



What do I do if the product I receive is not what I expected or appears to be faulty?

We check our orders at more than one point of production for quality control and to ensure that the correct orders are dispatched to customers. However, we are human and sometimes mistakes do happen! If we have made an error please let our customer services team know as soon as possible and we will get it rectified for you! In an instance where a customer has made the error when placing an order we would then have to charge for a new pack to be sent out.





What name labels are best?

This is a question we get a lot but unfortunately there is no easy answer because it really depends on what you are using them for. So the answer is, the best name labels for clothes are the labels that do the job you need them to do. A great place to start is our stick-on clothing labels as they can be used on clothing garment labels as well as lunchboxes and other personal items. Or one of our iron on packs as they have a selection of kinds to choose from.


Which labels are the best for school sports (drawstring) bags?

Jacket Tags are ideal for drawstring bags – especially swimming bags. We do also supply personalised gym bags which do not need additional labelling.


Will your labels stay on beach equipment, inflatables and armbands?

Vinyl labels will stay on all of these items as long as they are applied, in the first instance, to a clean, dry, smooth surface. The longevity of the label may be reduced on items which undergo a lot of handling eg. beach balls and surf boards, particularly if they have a curved or textured surface. Try our transparent Covers for Vinyl Labels to give your vinyl labels extra protection. Consider say a small spot labels pack as best for these as there is less surface area to come off.


Can shoe labels be used on other things?

Yes, vinyl shoe labels can be used in the same way as the other vinyls in our range – however they are unsuitable for use on clothing. When you use the vinyl shoe labels inside shoes don’t forget to apply the transparent protective cover over the top of the label, this will prevent perspiration from the foot reacting with the ink and lifting the colour from the label.



Are your iron on name labels any good? 

We think so but don’t just take it from us! Feel free to take a look at our extensive list of customer reviews from across the UK. The iron on labels are easy to apply and very long lasting. Resist in the washing machine, up to 60 C, these labels won't risk to come off when applied correctly. A permanent solution to label all your kids' clothes as they are very hard to remove. If you're having issues with your iron on labels adhering there is probably a very easy solution for you. Feel free to check out our helpful label application hints and tips




Can you design your own Lego person?

Yes, you can choose 1 of 10 different personalised lego figure styles whichever one that resembles you the most. Our minifigures make ideal stocking fillers and birthday gifts. We are planning to grow this range with our new website as we know you love choice.




Can I order a personalised bag tag with only a picture and no wording?

Yes, our bag tags are made to your design. Colours, text styles and image choices are all shown on the product page. We can also add more text if you wish so contact us with specific requirements at




Are there any names or words I cannot print on my labels?

We are first and foremost a children’s company, as our name suggests, we print Labels4kids after all! Therefore, we will not print any profane language or language that we deem to be offensive in any way. If we receive orders of this nature they will be automatically refunded, cancelled and we will notify you. If in any doubt, let us know and our team will be glad to discuss it with you.




Can I split a pack of labels for more than one child’s name?

We cannot split packs at this time due to the method of production. It’s something we are looking into and if this changes we will inform customers. We would suggest using just a household name such as a surname the children will recognise as their own when out of the house. That way everyone can share a pack!




Can I order a standard allergy-free message on my labels without the standard allergy picture eg. Gluten Free with a rocket?

Yes you can. First select the size of vinyl label you would like, click on the green button "Design Now", get creative, click on the grey button "Preview" then "Add to Cart".





How do I apply my name labels?

All orders are supplied with a full set of instructions. Application instructions can also be found at the bottom of the relevant product page - click on the blue "Instructions" tab. Or scroll to our options below.


How to use Stick on kids clothing labels?

1. The garment care label must be clean and dry prior to label application.

2. Peel the label from its backing paper – taking care not to touch the stick on label.

3. Firmly press the printed part of the label onto the front of the wash-care label.

4. Using your thumb smooth down the label and hold down for a few seconds to ensure that the stick on label fully bonds with the material.

5. After label application do not wash the garment for at least 24 hours.


How do you use iron on name tags for kids?

1. Set your iron to Linen/Cotton or *** but DO NOT USE STEAM.

2. Apply iron on name labels to clean, thoroughly dry garment (labels applied to soiled or damp garments will not adhere properly).

3. Place iron on label on garment in desired position.

4. Press the heated iron firmly on top of the labels and hold for 10 seconds.

5. Allow the garment to cool to room temperature then try to peel off a corner with your fingernail. If you can peel any part of the label you will need to repeat step 4 but apply with more pressure and hold for 15-20 seconds.


How do you use press and click name tags?

1. Place pin on hard surface. Push garment label or garment onto pin.

2. Loopfold name tag and push onto pin.

3. Pressing down evenly push washer as far as possible onto the pin.

4. Push on side of pin until it breaks.


How do I use my Snappy Tags?

It’s important to note that you require an applicator.

We recently brought out new, more compact applicators but the older versions work just as well. This means that the way you remove the buttons differs depending on which applicator you have. The way you put them on has not changed. Any queries please contact

1. Place the strip containing the Snappy Backs in the bottom of the applicator and push until it clicks. Pop the etched Tag into the top of the applicator.

2. Insert the garment into the mouth of the applicator and press together until you hear it click. Open the applicator and the Tag is applied to the garment.

3. To apply the next Tag - pull the Snappy Back strip until it has clicked into place.

4. To reuse the Tag simply remove the Tag using the applicator removal section and re-apply to a new garment using a new Snappy Back. Discard the used Snappy Back.


How do you label clothes for a nursing home?

First of all, you need to think about durability as care homes wash their residents clothing at very high temperatures, up to 90C. Secondly, you’ll need to enquire where to place the label, some care homes can be very specific as to where they will check when distributing fresh laundry. Thirdly, you want to think about comfort, will the wearer mind or even notice that the clothing they are wearing has a tag. If the wearer is sensitive to certain textures you’ll need to consider if they will feel the label when wearing it.

Our top three care home appropriate labels are:

  1. Snappy Tags
  2. Sew On
  3. Press and click 


How do you label a water bottle for school? 

The most appropriate name stickers for water bottles we have are our small name labels. These are ideal for labelling kids school water bottles as they are dishwasher and microwave safe. Simply apply the label to a clean, dry, smooth surface and do not wash for 1 hour. Or, we actually have water bottles that we can personalise for you to save you time.


How do you sew on school labels? 

You can sew in our embroidered name tags either by hand or if you have a sewing machine you could use that too. We have actually found this useful tutorial on YouTube should you want more detail.


What items should I label for school?

We have a really handy guide with a free printable list of which items are worthwhile labelling available to help.


How do you put labels on shoes? 

Stick the clear cover over the shoe label and put both together into the heel of the shoe with the rounded end in the heel. Do not forget to put the clear cover over the label as perspiration in the feet can life the ink so your labels would not last long. With the cover on they will outlast the shoes.

We even have this handy video tutorial here you can watch if that’s helpful!


How do I label my child's school clothes?

  1. Firstly, you need to agree on a system that you and your child are happy with. One which they will recognize immediately.
  2. Pull everything that you want to label out and lay them out on front of you to work out how many labels you will need.  Don’t forget bags, shoes, hats, gloves, glasses cases.
  3. Decide what kinds of labels are appropriate for each item, not all labels will work on every item you might want to use them on. For example, our small name labels are not suitable for clothing but our stick on clothing labels are.
  4. If possible, try to place each label whether it is embroidered sew on labels, iron on, stick- ons, or even a mark with marker pen in the same place so you’ll know where to look.
  5. A crucial step, read the instructions. Some clothes labels can withstand higher temperatures in the laundry and some need to be left for 24hours before use.

How do you label tagless clothes?

When it comes to children’s clothing labels often times you are required to affix them to the care label but what if it’s been cut off? If you no longer have a care label on your garments then easy to use iron on labels are ideal because they adhere to the fabric itself with no need for a care label. Apply to the neck of the item or even on the inside of the sleeve.


How do I mark my stationery? I want labels for my child’s pencils. Which will fit?

We do have so many name tags for kids it’s hard to know which ones are best. For stationery though, Mini vinyl labels are ideal for pens and pencils. For older children or adults why not consider transparent labels with black text. For folders, calculators and your other types of stationery, our Small Spot pack would be ideal. They come in a variety of colours to suit you.

How do you label a kids backpack?

We would suggest our Personalised Bag Tags as they are very durable. They are a rectangular shape which comes with a keyring or a longer plastic loop to attach to the zip of the backpack. You can choose different colours, images and designs. Alternatively, you can make use of our personalised lego keyring or if the backpack is made of soft fabric material which is not coated in any way you could use our iron on labels to be applied on the inside of the bag.

If you prefer something smaller then use Jacket Tags. There are 3 per tag ordered.

If you are worried about adding a child’s name to the outside of a bag then just add the school name or a phone number. It’s something that will find your bag back to the rightful owner if lost and we know how often kids lose things.


I want to order id bands for a trip but I don’t know what to choose.

We offer a range of id bands. Choose from:

  • single use, disposable bands available in a range of 6 different designs/colours in packs of 10
  • infoband reusable id bands available in 19 designs
  • reusable satin id wristbands (pack of 2) which are produced to your design 
  • Kattoo temporary tattoos - a pack of 6 tattoos which you personalise using the special Kattoo pen (included).

If you have any questions regarding your order please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Can I cut labels to a size of my choosing?

We offer a wide range of sizes so this shouldn’t really be necessary. We do know that customers have done this in the past but we would never recommend it as it compromises the durability of our products. We would also never refund or exchange products which have been damaged by customers attempts to cut our products to size. If you have a specific request just let us know and we can see if we can make them us especially for you!




Delivery and Postage 

How will I know that my order has been dispatched?

We send out two email confirmations. The first immediately after you’ve placed the order and another once your order has been posted and is out for delivery. Please check your SPAM and JUNK folders in your email inbox in case it’s been lost in there.


Where is my order?

Please don’t worry, if you’ve successfully placed an order with us your item will be working its way through production to then be posted out. If you allow for 14 working days after ordering and if it hasn’t arrived with you by then please let us know via livechat or email at and we will gladly assist with your enquiry.

* Please Note: During peak season, e.g. Back To School period dispatch times may be slightly delayed due to increased volume. We will typically make you aware of this on our website but we thank you for your patience if ever this is the case as we will be working as efficiently as we can.


How long will it take to get my labels?

  • Our personalised products are made to order especially for you and average production times can vary. Therefore they are published at the bottom of each product page under the blue tab "Delivery & Production".
  • Please note that orders are not despatched until all items on the order are available.
  • Following production of your labels we deliver using first class Royal Mail as standard (or Airmail for overseas). 
  • UK orders - Royal Mail advise that 90% of first class mail is delivered the following day, the remainder can take up to 3 days to be delivered. 
  • We are unable track and trace first class post. 
  • If you require a tracking service please select Special Delivery as your preferred shipping method.
  • Airmail - Airmail items cannot be tracked or traced. If you select International Signed/International Tracked & Signed as your preferred shipping method your order is tracked until it leaves the UK - it is then handed over to the destination country's postal service as a priority item and requires a signature at the destination address. Please note that priority services cannot be delivered to post office box numbers.

Does express delivery mean you will produce my labels quicker?

  • No. 
  • Express delivery options (Special Delivery or International Signed/International Tracked & Signed) do not affect production times but they do offer a guaranteed delivery service once your items have been despatched from Labels4Kids. Please note that these services require a signature at the destination address.
  • Special Delivery orders are guaranteed for delivery before 1pm the next working day following dispatch of your order from Labels4Kids Ltd (except weekends).
  • International Signed/International Tracked & Signed allows your order to be tracked until it leaves the UK - it it then handed over to the destination country's postal service as a priority item and requires a signature at the destination address. Target delivery time is three working days to Western Europe, five working days to Eastern Europe and seven working days for the rest of the world.


I am moving abroad so will you deliver abroad if I order online?

Yes. We deliver to all countries which the UK banks trade with. You can see our full range of Delivery and Rates here.

Will you deliver to a different delivery address?

  • Yes. 
  • The billing address must be the registered address for your credit or debit card but you can specify a different delivery address at the time of ordering. 
  • If you have a special request please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • Please note we do not offer a gift wrapping service.



Technical Issues

Is your website secure?

The security of our customers information is a top priority therefore our ordering system is level 1 secure with Stripe and also PayPal for credit/debit card transactions with fully-automated shopping basket facilities. We do not store any credit / debit card details on our server for security reasons, and all data is submitted via universally accepted, secure encryption techniques.



Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

Not if you’d prefer not to! We suggest creating an account if you’re likely to reorder in future because it saves you time inputting details and it also allows you to make use of our handy reorder button. But, if you’d prefer to checkout as a guest, we also have that option too! It’s entirely up to your own preference.



I’ve forgotten my password and can’t log into my account.

Oops! We’ve all been there!  Just let our team know and we can gladly reset this for you. Once this has been reset, please change it to something memorable and try to use a password you’re not using for other accounts.



I’m having difficulty placing an order online. What should I do?

We’re sorry if you’re ever having difficulty with our website. We suggest a few easy fixes that might resolve the issue. Sometimes, if a required field has been left blank then the website won’t let you proceed so please ensure that all boxes with a red asterisk next to them are completed. Perhaps try to clearing your browser history or using a different web browser? If still no joy, just let our team know and we can either talk you through over the phone or place the order for you. 





I want to register for fundraising (affiliate scheme). How do I do this?

You no longer need to register for fundraising online. Just email us for a discount code. Your discount code depends on whether or not you are able to link to our site.
For full information regarding fundraising visit our "School Fundraising" section.


I want to order more posters/flyers to promote our fundraising scheme. How can I do this?

  • Just drop us an email at
  • Tell us - contact name, delivery address and how many you flyers/posters you need. 
  • We may have something suitable or we can make something up that you can print at school or via a parent in the Parent Teacher Association on a normal home colour printer.


If we have not answered your question here, please get in contact with us via email at: or via our live chat and we’ll do our best to help.