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Starting School Checklist

Starting school?  We have compiled a check list of what you should have ready by Labels4Kids:

The month before have these things ready:

  • School bag
  • 3 pair of trousers - boys
  • 3 skirts or pinafores or dresses
  • 3 shirts
  • 2 ties if required - small stikins from the stick ons labels category are great for ties
  • 2 sweatshirts or jumpers
  • a blazer if required
  • 5 pairs of school socks
  • school sport socks - great labelled with press and click name tags
  • school sport shorts (no logo normally just plain navy in most schools or uniform specific requirement shorts)
  • pencil case and a small amount of black lead pencils, eraser and sharpener - label these with mini vinyl labels
  • Gym kit bag or sport bag - personalised gym bags recommended
  • Plimsole or gym shoes labelled inside with the vinyl shoe labels or right foot labels
  • All items should be fully labelled with ideally labels4kids name tags!
  • Change of underwear and ideally change of trousers or skirt just in case when they are in their first year.
  • Rain jacket or duffle coat depending on the school requirements and the weather!
  • PE top or tshirt
  • Swimming kit if required
  • Waterbottle
  • Lunch box selected with mum or dad by the child
  • 5 pairs of underpants and a spare for the school bag

The day before lay out the following:

  • Snack box or a snack packed in the lunch box but easy to locate
  • Lunch prepared in a lunch box and placed in the fridge
  • Water bottle filled with cold water and chilled in the fridge
  • Layout the first day's clothes including hair accessories (having boys I don't know much about this one!)
  • School bag packed with a change of underwear and trousers or skirt, pencil case and pencils, and rainjacket if your child will not be wearing this
  • Suncream if it is hot and remember the easiest thing to do is to put this on your child before you get them changed so that there is no mess on the clothing and no bits missed (just like icing a cake I guess). There is no point sending suncream into school as you will find that most schools will not reapply suncream on children and the children definintely won't do it so who better to make sure it is done than mum or dad before they leave.